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THANK YOU BELLINGHAM! After two very successful years and over 70 students, The Documentary Center has closed it's doors in Bellingham, WA in preparation to open in a yet to be determined location in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to opening a physical location in LA in 2016 we have been busy taking the last two years of lectures, coursework, and individual experiences with our Bellingham Documentary Center students and turning them into a textbook and online curriculum so that no matter where you are you can get the help you need with your project. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your support in our first two years has made all the difference!

DOC PRO THREE serves as post production for DOC PRO TWO. Over the course of the quarter students make outlines, transcriptions, paper edits and work to shape down the content they filmed in DOC PRO TWO until they have a broadcast quality piece about 10 minutes in length that is ready for titles and score.


DOC PRO THREE helps students form a post flow which allows them to effectively deal with materials collected during production and addresses the nuances and complexities of post production.


DOC PRO THREE includes class time, all the studio time you can handle, and use of our professional camera and audio equipment for any pick up shoots you may need to do.


The Documentary Center strives to give individuals the skills necessary to produce broadcast quality content from concept to completion.  By focusing on documentary process, organization, and story telling we'll take you through drafting a topic proposal, making a casting spreadsheet, outlining, interviewing, scripting, shooting, and editing.

DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION ONE is a comprehensive documentary production course that meets for 3hrs a week for 10 weeks covering most major aspects of documentary production from concept to completion. 

DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION ONE is designed to familiarize all who take it with each step of the documentary
process, preparing them for either a career in documentary production (as either a shooter [camera operator], producer, editor, or preditor - all three) or for a life-time of broadcast quality personal projects.

While DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION ONE requires no previous experience or equipment, it is our belief that DOC PRO ONE would be useful for anyone who has never worked professionally in a documentary production office and maybe even for some who have. 

During the course of the quarter, each individual enrolled in DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION ONE will be producing, shooting, and editing a 2-3 minute short documentary, in groups, on a topic of their choosing composed of both verite and interview footage

DOC PRO ONE includes class time, studio time, and use of and instruction for our professional camera and sound equipment during one student shoot.

DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION TWO builds on the processes outlined in DOC PRO ONE and adds to them by introducing shooting multiple scenes for verite, as well as adding secondary and tertiary interviews, and outlining and scripting for more complex story telling. 

Where DOC PRO ONE established basics regarding shooting simple verite and a single interview subject DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION TWO will enable the participant to work effectively designing concepts and arcs that involve multiple, complex scenes (verite scenes containing both action and dialogue) as well as more complicated story arcs involving 3 interview subjects. Outlining and scripting for more complex story telling will be greatly covered in this course through the production of material the participant generates on there own and through a series of creative exercises involving films made by other film makers.

DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION TWO is pre and pro production for a project approximately 3 times longer and more complex than projects built in DOC PRO ONE. Post Production for all DOC PRO TWO projects are completed the following term in DOC PRO THREE.

DOC PRO TWO includes class time, studio time, and use of our professional camera and audio equipment for three shoots to take place during the quarter.  The Instructor accompanies students on their first shoot each quarter while the second and third shoots are done in two person teams.

*For more information and specific class schedules check our "INSTRUCTION" page. If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to email us at info@thedocumentarycenter.org.  If you are looking to arrange for a group booking, and the dates above do not fit with your plan, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Production/instruction for documentary film & Television